New Zealand Specialist's in LED Edge Lit Signs
Flexilight New Zealand are now importers of State of the Art Lighting
Signs. Instant Advertising watch people flock to your shop or event when
they see these great very bright signs.
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LED Edge Lit Signs

Flexilight's Microbrite Edge-lit LED technology offers
distinct advantages over traditional signage, including its
primary competition, bent neon tube signs:

- crisp, clean, cutting-edge visual appeal with                     
  unsurpassed level of depth and detail
- substantial energy savings
- improved durability, longer life, and less maintenance      
  requirements (no bulbs or ballasts to replace)
- generates little or no heat while in continuous operation
- ultra slim profiles
- simple installation, variety of mounting options
- capable of withstanding large temperature extremes

Flexilight's signs overcome the long-standing
shortcomings of traditional neon signage including its
shipping durability problems, its poor performance in cold
temperatures, its potential electromagnetic interference,
and its expensive maintenance requirements, while at the
same time, providing comparable color, and a crisper look.
Simply Email or Phone us to get your Brand or Idea in
Lighting. These are quality made signs, made in North
America. Your choice of size, colour and design.

These signs are New to New Zealand and are used in 110
Countries around the world

All New Beer Containers, Light up your brand fill with Ice,
Instant sales great for corporate events