Is your business missing in action along your street? Is it passed, unnoticed, by thousands of motorists each day due to
an inadequate, antiquated or missing sign? Without adequate signage your business is losing money. LED Signage
costs less per month than any other major advertising media. Your LED message reaches each consumer that stops or
passes by your location everyday. Using an LED Sign means instantaneous advertising and quick reaction to change
that can influence potential customers.

Advantages of lighted LED signs
Long Life - trouble free operation
Energy efficient, 7-20 watts
Very bright LED display, attracts attention
Safe, low voltage operation
Flashing or chasing feature at the flick of a switch
High visibility, even in bright daylight
Rigid construction with aluminum frame
Quiet with all reliable solid state design
Easy to clean, easy to install, slim and lightweight

Fully enclosed electronics. No exposed glass tubing
Cool to the touch and safe for the environment
1 Year Warranty

If you want to make your own words please look at new signage LED Linkable Letters
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Outdoor "OPEN"
45cm X 90cm
Outdoor "OPEN"
90cm X 45cm
Outdoor "No VACANCY"
100cm X 30cm
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