New Zealand Specialist's in Ropelight and Christmas Lighting
Flexilight New Zealand are now importers of Light O Rama Computer
Controlled Lighting Controllers.

Please click on pictures below to see how they can controll lights and
the fun you can bring to New Zealand. Beware these are movies and take
a while to download.
Christmas Lights - Net Lights - Rope Lights - Fairy Lights - Icicles - LED Lights - Christmas Tree Lights - Glowsticks - Toys
Please click picture to see movie
Please clickpicture to see movied
Our powerful controllers and easy to use software put you completely in control
of your lights.

Our light controllers are used to create moving lighting effects in any
environment. Our units range from a cost effective 15 Amp 8 point controller to
custom built units with unlimited amperage. Our controllers are used for
Christmas lights, signs, casino lights, trade show displays or any moving light

From a simple standalone chaser to a sophisticated 1000 channel display
coordinated to music, Light-O-Rama is the absolute price leader with feature
packed controllers and the easiest to use software in the industry