New Zealand Specialist's in Ropelight and Christmas Lighting
Illuminated Display Boards great for Restaurant's, Pubs, Clubs and
Teaching. Simply write on the board with Special Flourescent Pen and
see amazing A2 size board's that glow.
Click here for a Video Image
This is the illuminate signboard that glows with your original handwriting.
Colourful 4 colours fluorescent on this sign board. The board is thin and light
so that you can use it with easel or suspend it on the wall.
The drawing remains even by scratching human hand but they can be easily
erased by tissue paper or towel. You can easily rewrite the daily menu.

· 1.Original 4colors of fluorescent marker are attached.
· 2.You can draw pictures and characters just like canvas
· 3.The colour variation is White,Blue,Green,Red,Yellow,Orange,Pink,and
· 4.Thickness is only 35mm(1.4inch).
· 5.Drawings can be removed by tissue or towel
· 6.Expected lifetime will be 20,000 hours or over.
· 7.Multifunctional Fluorescent marker can be used on glass or plastic surface
as same as this signboard
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